OpenCart themes are now available for download

Themes for OpenCart are available here now.

Our themes have been checked and tested for compatibility with OpenCart

Please make sure you use a theme that is designed to operate properly with the version of OpenCart you have on your site. Using older themes is not recommended, and you may face security issues.

Browse all our OpenCart themes from the links on the top menu bar or the right column of this site.

OpenCart and themes available for download now

OpenCart and themes are now available from our site.

All available themes have been checked and confirmed to be 100% compatible with the latest OpenCart and

If your store runs on OpenCart or, it is strongly recommended that you use a theme that has been updated for OpenCart If you use a theme that is meant for an older version of OpenCart, you may face functional or security issues.

OpenCart are a minor updates for They are mainly for bug fixes. You can download or view more info about these changes at the official website.